Beth Pfeffer Spiritual Artist

More About Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel oversees Nature and is known as the Angel of Prosperity and Abundance.  She shows up with pink, white, and golden colors, and her nature is gentle and persistent.

A small indigenous boy came to this painting to remind us of the innocence we embodied as children.  We didn’t have to think about “creating” our lives, we just did it naturally.

Ariel reminds us that Mother Earth is a living entity who is always working on behalf of the human, animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, as well as the magical realms around us.  She raises the alarm that the Earth needs our love now as tumultuous times ahead will challenge us in new ways.

As the Amazon burns, it begs us to notice and release our fears around it.  When we clear the fear energy, only love remains to powerfully support Mother Earth and all that live upon her.

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