Beth Pfeffer

About Me

In my healing practice, I strive to support my clients to find real and lasting results, to find true freedom from the past, to re-write life on their own terms, to heal their physical bodies by unearthing and releasing the experiences held within the cells, within the mind; the memories – the ones that, once cleared, provide deep peace, acceptance and love for oneself.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves and to have a life of OUR own choosing, rather the one we were given.  We do this by rewriting and repairing our DNA, clearing the emotional and ancestral baggage we’ve carried around for too many years.

The entities whose likenesses I have channeled each came at a time when myself or someone near me was asking for assistance in the healing process.  Clients have told me that the presence of these entities in their print form have created an energy in their space that does just that.  Many of these prints adorn the walls of those seeking healing, inspiration, and the reminder that there are beings in another realm looking after us.

– Beth